8 of My Absolute Favorite Freebies

The most important things in life are free. I could really stop right there, but most people want a little more to chew on and digest. Although, deep down we all know it’s the truth and all of the material things only distract us from that truth.

As I sit here in the sun on my deck, I pause and hear the sounds of water from the melting snow as it trickles down the gutters, birds chirping, and children laughing next door. It’s a quiet reminder, that as focused as we are on all of the flashiness and craziness of the world. We have this. The peaceful serenity that exists if we just stop and listen. So many wonderful things are sitting right in front of us and they cost absolutely nothing. This is my list, but please feel free to make your own.

1. A smile. I’m not sure about the whole “it takes more muscles to frown than to smile” statistic, but it’s pretty easy and it makes me look better too.
2. A prayer. Saying a prayer releases heaviness and stress from your mind and heart. I instantly feel better.
3. Spending time with people I love. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, it’s an easy pick me up.
4. Sunlight on my shoulders. It’s amazing and if you don’t believe me, dust off your Walkman and John Denver’s Greatest Hits and head outside on a beautiful sunny day.
5. Kindness. Being kind is completely free and it makes me feel wonderful by doing something kind for someone else.
6. Laughing. I absolutely love to laugh. I can find something funny in most situations. I love to hear others laugh as well.
7. Hanging out with my dog. He has so much personality and he lets me do all the talking.
8. Contentment. The feeling of being happy with what you have. Being able to say, “Life doesn’t get much better than this” and meaning it!

Taking time to appreciate these priceless things in my life have not only been completely free, but it’s brought me so much joy. I live a simple life, but I never feel deprived because the balance of all of these things more than make up for any sacrifices I’ve made.  So next time you have a bad day and think a new purse is going to make you feel better, take a walk with your dog in the sunshine and smile at everyone you pass. 


Kara Addington

About Kara Addington

I live in a small town in Northern Maine with my husband, daughter, and dog. I scour yard sales and thrift shops for clothing, furniture, and decor. I've been known to rescue items from the trash to repurpose into craft projects. I rarely pay full price for anything. When I come home from grocery shopping with something outside of our normal staples, I am faced with, "You had a coupon, didn't you?". Well, of course I did! I enjoy thinking outside of the box. I rarely do what everyone else does, I'm all about using my resources and I hate how disposable everything is. I am passionate about sharing my discoveries and lifestyle with others. I love to help people save money, live debt free and to recycle and repurpose unwanted items. Living well on less is my area of expertise.